Discover The Latest Tips, Tricks, Tools, and Techniques designed to help you get more new patients, retain current patients, and reactivate old patients.

"Imagine how large your family practice can become when you
have an army of referring maniacs working overtime to fill your
office with as many new patients as you wish"

   As Chiropractors, it's easy to get caught up in the next big shiny object that promises untold riches. Has this ever happened to you?

   There are acres of diamonds to be found by mining the best asset you have, your patient mailing list. While that's not a new concept what might be news to you is how you can tie that into a referral strategy for maximum leverage and profits.

   You've got to have a system for "Referral getting and patient reactivations", even so far as having the process written and done for you. If you just ask for referrals and don't follow up you're not likely to get as many. So if everyone knows that patient referrals is the key to practice growth, then why do so few doctors put a system in place. Because it takes effort, that's why it's also the reason between a struggling practice and a very successful one.

   I promise you this, if you make the effort of getting referrals and patient reactivations a top priority and put a system in place to get them, you can double or even triple your practice in as little as 60 - 90 days.

There are acres of diamonds in your own back yard if you will only dig for them.

The good news is Best Chiro Marketing has done all the hard work for you!

"I strongly encourage all my colleagues to purchase a copy”

I strongly encourage all my colleagues to purchase a copy of “Best Chiro Letters” by Dr. Albert Campana. His letters are designed to not only reactivate your old patients but get tons of new patients at the same time.

Dr. Jenkinson 


Are you tired of living from week to week and not putting any money away for retirement?

Do you feel you are going to work for the rest of your life?

Have you tried any of these with little or no success?

Spinal screening with “Sam”. Stop embarrassing yourself at flea markets, health fairs, and malls.
Telemarketing offering a free exam and x-rays. These people just waste your time and money.
Print ads – Let’s face it; less and less people are buying the newspaper and more and more people are going to their HMO directory to find a doctor.
Same with yellow pages and yellow book
How about overpriced consultants that charge $500 - $1,000 a month?
On-line or telephone consulting
4 to 8 page generic newsletters that the patient knows the doctor did not write.
Faxing letters to lawyers until they tell you to stop.

For the good news, there is an easy way to create a very profitable practice without leaving your office.

But first, you have to be serious about taking control of your practice by developing a no-nonsense, fool proof growth plan.

Imagine owning 24 professionally written letters with a customized health pass sent to your old patient files that not only brings them back into your office in large groves but also teaches them and gives them the proper tools to create new patients that will pound down your doors.

This is an incredible way to double or triple your income and double your time off.
Learn how to become a magnet that attracts new patients who will trust you and will refer all their friends and family to you.

These letters plant a subtle almost subliminal suggestion to re-activate care and to refer patients to your office month after month.

Your patients will not only feel honored but guilty if they don’t send their friends, neighbors, co-workers and family to you.

You will create a new angle on the ‘ol “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” that will bring in tons of reactivation and new patients.

This type of internal marketing is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way of getting the word out about your practice.

You will have in your hand specially designed health passes that boost the psychological pulling power of your patient’s ability to refer buckets of new patients into your office instantly without hesitation.

It’s either you control them or they control you! Which way do you want it?

Learn how to dazzle people with hypnotic suggestions that make them follow your commands.

You will be re-inventing your practice so that your reputation will be perceived as being superior in your community instead of just being an ordinary chiropractor in town.


"Since using your monthly letters, my practice has exploded!”

Since using your monthly letters, my practice has exploded! For years I was using outdated recall letters and 8 page prewritten newsletters. In the beginning they worked but after awhile my patients stopped responding to them. Since using your “Best Chiro Letters”, my practice has been given a new spark of life. Every time I did a mailing, I got 8 – 10 reactivations and 3 – 4 new patients. On top of that, your letters are short, quick to mail, and the cheapest way to go. Thanks a million.

Dr. Campbell

"I want to personally thank you for
changing my practice forever.”

I want to personally thank you for changing my practice forever. I have been using your letters now for six months and I still constantly get 6 – 12 reactivations and 2-3 new patients depending on the mailing I choose to use that month. It’s a great feeling to know you have a 24 month marketing plan already done for you and all your c.a. has to do is type a letter, insert a health pass, stamp an envelope and your practice grows. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Dr. Weber

"More and more of my doctors are attaining huge practice growth using “Best Chiro Letters”

As president of K-Med Services, I talk to hundreds of chiropractors on a regular basis. More and more of my doctors are attaining huge practice growth using “Best Chiro Letters” each month and using one of the special pre-payment plans.

Ken Viafora, Pres. K-Med Services

"Every time I mail one of his theme letters, I got back many times my investment”

After 52 years of practice, I have to say “Best Chiro Letters” by Dr. Albert Campana has created the most simple and cheapest method of retaining your current patients, reactivating old patients, and generating new patients. Every time I mail one of his theme letters, I got back many times my investment. I highly recommend “Best Chiro Letters”.

Dr. Michael Sabia, Past President New Jersey Chiropractic Board, 1988 Olympic Physician Seoul Korea,
2008 Boxing Hall of Fame Recipient

When you change your image, you change your practice forever.

Imagine teaching your patients to help you build a large PI practice. You will be injecting your very own personality into an irresistible offer that bonds your patients to you and makes them refer out of guilt.

Learn how to position yourself in the eyes of your patients so that it will be virtually effortless for you to attract new patients each and every month.

Learn how to attract all new home owners and make sure they become your patients and not your competitor.

Just imagine the thrill of going to bed at night knowing you have just done a mailing that will put money in your bank by the end of the week.


Just sit back and relax because I’ve done all the work for you. Just follow the simple instructions month by month and you’re on your way to financial freedom.

This marketing kit includes the most powerful secrets, tips, tricks, tools, and techniques that have ever been written on the subject of reactivation and recall and how to cash-in on this larger-than-life practice explosion.

If you want more independence and freedom from your practice, the satisfaction and prestige that comes from a large practice, and if you want to do it while you’re still young enough to enjoy it, then this is the right marketing kit for you.

Imagine creating a huge (and immediate) cash flow for yourself! This step by step, easy to follow, completely done by your C.A. marketing plan is not just affordable but some consider cheap for the massive amount of explosive income you’re about to experience.


Letter #1 – “Happy New Year”
This letter gets a killer response after the holidays. It’s designed to help jumpstart the New Year right.

Letter #2 – “Happy Valentine’s Day”
This letter is great for generating new patients. You’re going to establish yourself as more than just a chiropractor but a “Doctor With a Heart”.

Letter #3 – “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”
When you think of green think of money because that’s exactly what you can expect. It brings both the “old” and brings in the “new”. It’s going to be hard to stay sober with all the celebration.

Letter #4 – “Spring Into Health”
Your patients will “spring” right back into your office like never before. This letter is a great new patient generator.

Letter #5 – “Auto Accident Letter”
This is a no-brainer – you want all your patients to know you treat auto accidents. How are they going to know that chiropractic care is covered under no-fault (PIP) unless you tell them. Odds are someone from your office has either been in an accident or knows someone that has been in one. It works every time.

Letter #6 – “Happy Mother’s Day”
Our “gift of health” Mother’s Day gift card is a killer for getting moms in. Another great new patient generator.

Letter #7 – “Memorial Day”
Our “All American letter” with a matching gift card that re-activates your most patriotic patients.

Letter #8 – “Happy Father’s Day”
A large influx of fathers is expected after mailing this letter. Works like a charm when sent with a gift of health Father’s Day gift card.

Letter #9 – “Fourth of July”
One of the best new patient generators of all time. Theme “get independent from pain killers” and more dependent on natural health care.

Letter #10 – “It’s Never Too Late”
Great recall for your senior citizens as well as a new patient generator. Helps build the maintenance practice.

Letter #11 – “Grandparents Day”
This letter will have your seniors coming back and at the same time they will be showing you pictures of their grandchildren. – Time to do some scoliosis screening!

Letter #12 – “Rosh Hashanah”
Sending this letter to your Jewish descent patients along with a customized health pass will have you singing “Fiddler on the Roof”. Be sure to have a lot of x-rays on hand.

Letter #13 – “Labor Day”
September is traditionally a good month because the kids are back in school. This letter brings it over the top by rewarding your hard working patients.

Letter #14 – “Happy Halloween”
This is the time of the year to remind your patients of their “year-end insurance benefits”. Use them or lose them! It goes out with a “Halloween Treat Card”. Great new patient generator.

Letter #15 – “National Spinal Health Month”
October is the time to reactivate your old patients and start building a maintenance practice. This nationally recognized month is also a big new patient producer when used with our customized health pass.

Letter #16 – “Veterans Day”
It’s time to honor the veteran especially now during a time of war. This is a big image-builder, making you stick out of the crowd. Great public announcement for the local newspaper.

Letter #17 – “Merry Christmas”
Makes a typically slow month into one of your biggest by handing out “Gift of Health” certificates.

Letter #18 – “Christmas Stocking Stuffer”
A subtle Christmas letter mailed with a couple of “Gift of Health” certificates with instruction for stuffing them in their Christmas stocking as well as giving them out to friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

Letter #19 – “Welcome to the Neighborhood”
Great new patient generator. People have a lot of aches and pains after they move and need a chiropractor. Send this letter out for 3 consecutive months and you will get new patients at the cost of a stamp!

Letter #20 – “New Home Owner”
Explains to the new home owner what insurance companies you participate in and offers them a free consultation get acquainted office visit with a customized “New Homeowner Gift Certificate” Another killer when mailed for 3 consecutive months.

Letter #21 – “Hardship Letter”
A specially designed handwritten letter that brings back into your office those patients that you believe have discontinued care because of financial reasons. This is like stealing candy from a baby! – comes with hardship agreement and assignment to pay doctor directly.

The 3-Step Cash Surge Letters:

Letter #22 – “Everyone Misses You”
This is the first of a three-step cash surge letter. I call it “cosmic telephone” based on the law of attraction book “The Secret”. You get right between the ears on this one.

Letter #23 – “The Secret”
This is the second letter of the instant cash surge sequence. I call it the “Tony Soprano” offer they can’t refuse. No one says NO to Tony!

Letter #24 – “Final Notice”
Third follow up letter of the cash surge sequence. By now your office is “rocking & rolling”!


Here’s the ultimate, no B.S. “Take-you-by-the-hand”, “Make-you-get-off-your-butt” and “Force-you-to-get-a-higher-conversion-rate- with-these-amazing-patient- pre-payment-plans” – that – are – guaranteed – to – skyrocket – your – practice!!

As a bonus you will receive 10 different “kick-ass” pre-payment plans that make it difficult for anyone to say “no”!!

I'll even give you one for free now to see what you are missing:


Are you caught in a constant struggle for more cash?

Are you determined to survive? Then you have finally reached the right product to take you over the top. Way over the top!

Are you maximizing your pre-payment plans for maximum profits?

Are you offering both product and services to your patients?

Are you really serious about taking control of your practice by using a payment plan that 8 out of 10 patients say yes to?

Before anything else, I want to start by giving you something that will make you money tomorrow.


Most cookie-cutter plans just don’t fit with everyone’s practice or with every different patient. That‘s why I have 10 different plans.

Just imagine the practice explosion you’re going to experience when you’re working with the proper tools.

Have you ever wondered why some practices are more successful than others?

When you are using the proper payment plan you increase your courage to ask for more money.


You have to stop practicing with your hands tied behind your back.

You will have in your hand pre-payment plans for:

The Straight
The Mixer
All therapies
No therapies
Decompression plans
Relief Care
Corrective Care
Maintenance Care
Special Financial Arrangements
Insurance Coverage
Cash Plans
Plans that include back braces, posture pump, cervical traction, wobble chairs, head weights, nutrition, orthotics, tens
Physical Rehab, cold laser

If you want to get filthy rich you have to stop leaving money on the table.

" I got 10x my investment back from your book"

Doc, your handwritten hardship letter is brilliant. I sent out 5 letters to patients I really enjoy treating and also had decent insurance coverage. All 5 became reactivated. Do the math. 5 patients 3 times a week times 4 weeks equals 60 visits, times $50 per visit equals $3,000 extra this month. I got 10x my investment back from your book and guess what? I’m sending out more letters.

Dr. Enns

If you are interested in creating a huge (and immediate) cash flow for yourself, then you must purchase my 24 (2 year)” Monthly Marketing Letters” and my 10 “Proven Pre-payment Plans” that are designed to blow the roof off of your practice!

If you have the desire and commitment, then we’re talking big money and big success!

I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort to try just a few of my proven marketing letters along with the customized health pass, and start using one of my pre-payment plans, you’ll produce at least 10 times your investment within the next 30 to 60 days. That’s right. 10 times extra cash you wouldn’t have received if you didn’t send out one of my letters. You’ve got 2 full months to prove to yourself that these letters and payment plans really do work. But if you aren’t 100% satisfied, let me know and I’ll issue you an immediate, no-hassle refund right on the spot.

Look at it this way --- $298 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you’re going to waste on ineffective mailers and marketing this year.

With a guarantee like that you have absolutely nothing to lose. So what are you waiting for?

Click the button below to make two payments of $149.00 plus Shipping and Handling.

"I constantly get 8-9 reactivations and 2-3 new
patients each month"

First of all your marketing letters are fantastic. I constantly get 8-9 reactivations and 2-3 new patients each month. Besides that, since using one of your pre-payment plans, my monthly income went up over $15,000 a month. Wow. The way you have designed the patients payment options has given me the courage to raise my fees and at the same time increase my conversion rate. My wife can’t believe I only paid $298 for your book. Finally, I did something right!

Dr. Olsen

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